A Whimsical and Enchanted Garden

We love the challenge of transforming a large space into our client’s vision.  Memminger Auditorium is that space in Charleston.  It is a blank canvas and the perfect shell to create intense drama.  When working here, “Go Big” is an understatement.

Here we created a whimsical, magical, forest of character and kept this corporate group on their toes with a pull curtain reveal, cirque performers, contortionists, and a killer band not to mention a dramatically lighted, space filled with oversized floral garden, topiary animals, dreamy crystal chandeliers & candelabras under the oaks, and a playful floral and butterfly canopied bar.  With this theme the more outlandish, the better.  That’s the Loluma way!

Photo credits by Evan Laettner