Meet Jenna!

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest member of Loluma.  Jenna Rickoff, came in with the New Year and we are so blessed to have her here.  She has added such a positive and kind support to our team and is so talented with event consulting and coordination. We cannot wait for you all to meet her.  She comes from a strong event background and is already diving right in with our current brides.

Get to know Jenna…

What’s playing in your car right now?  Cassadee Pope.  I actually met her when she came to the Coastal Carolina Fair last year.

Who’s your favorite Super Star?  Adele

How would you describe yourself?  Goofy, fun loving, Clemson fan that isn’t afraid to take risks

What is your favorite food?  Quest dip or french fries.  If I could live off of French fries all day, everyday, I would!

What is your best achievement?  Finishing a half marathon and triathlon a few years ago.  It was such a great experience and taught me how to stay motivated and focused on a goal.

What do you do for fun?  Meet up with friends, cheer on my Clemson Tigers, go for walks on the beach, cook with my man (who is much better skilled in that department than I’ll ever be), and visit family in Greenville.

Name one short term goal?  Expand my cooking and baking skills. I recently attended “In the Kitchen with Bob Waggoner” and had such blast. Watch out Paula Deen!

If a genie gave you a wish what would you wish for?  I would wish to have endless funds to travel the world.  Since I was just in Europe a few years ago, the next places I would really like to go to are Ireland, Scotland, Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand

What’s your Motto?  Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.  Be kind, stay close to your loved ones, and always remember that we all have something unique and wonderful within us that makes this world a better place

Best advice anyone has given you?  “Find someone who loves you exactly for who you are.”  My grandfather (papa) gave me that advice and it has stuck with me.

What can you simply not resist?  Golden Doodle puppies – they are so precious!  Oh, and also the minions 🙂

Nicknames?  Jenna Banana- my mom always called me this growing up, and Jennie Lou-Who

Who would you most likely to have dinner with?  Steve Carrell

Favorite Meal?  Shrimp and Grits from Magnolia.  Mmmm!

What are your aspirations in this position?  I want to expand my creative skill set.  I am looking forward to learning from this incredible team as well as bringing my unique style to events.

What do you most like to do to unwind?  Watch TV – especially Friends reruns or Pitch Perfect with a glass of wine in my hand!

Welcoming your wedding guests to Charleston…

A Rehearsal Dinner in Charleston, tends to be more than just a dinner, gathering immediate family and bridal party.  Our Destination brides use it to welcome their full guest list to our beautiful city.  We always recommend sharing a part of town they may not discover or have the ability to venture to.  An event venue very different from the wedding location the following evening.  Kathleen and Chase decided to share a location very special to her Charleston family roots.  Middleton Place was the perfect place to create the casual style Welcome Dinner she was hoping for, and a place contrasting her downtown, Yacht Club wedding for the following day.  Keep checking back as we share their wedding photos next…!

Photography by Tim Will



Anne Kelley: Married!

We are so excited to be able to finally share Anne Kelley’s bridal portraits with you after her fabulous wedding at the William Aiken House this past Saturday.  We were able to enlist the amazing photography skills of Sean Money & Elizabeth Faye, and had an absolute blast working with them.  Not to mention, their photography skills are off the chain!  Anne Kelley could not say enough regarding the fun she had working with them on this portrait session and the pictures certainly prove that.  We are really excited to see the pictures from the wedding!  This bouquet, by the way, might just be one of my favorites, thanks to the skills of Loluma’s very own Leesa Phipps.

Tiffany & Frank – Intimate Charleston Wedding {part 2}

After a casual, creek side rehearsal dinner, an elegant, garden affair was the perfect atmosphere for Tiffany & Frank’s intimate Charleston wedding. They chose the lawn of the Governor Thomas Bennett House. Following the ceremony, the guests enjoyed a dinner beneath the stars, as the couple arranged for a 7 course tasting menu to be served to guests al fresco, in the property’s “grotto.” Lights, glass beads, and chandeliers were strung from the willow branches above the dining table, and with the Bob Williams Duo stroking the violin, Chef and Restaurateur, Bob Carter came out to present each course to the guests, explaining the preparation of each selection. The menu follows.


While guests were enjoying their meal, to their surprise, the bride and groom had planned a performance by the Voices of Deliverance Gullah Singers. The singers came dancing and singing into the garden grotto, dressed colorful, traditional Gullah attire, and serenaded the bride and groom and their guests with joyful soul and gospel songs.